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Our goal is to help Indigenous-led projects create economic prosperity and strengthen communities – here and now, and for generations to come.

AIOC empowers Indigenous investment that provides real, immediate financial returns to First Nations and Metis groups that enables the Indigenous leadership to determine how those revenues are used to support their communities’ objectives and participation in the economy.

The AIOC Impact

To date, AIOC has supported seven deals, providing over $680 million in loan guarantees and directly benefiting 42 First Nations and Metis Groups in Alberta. We are starting to see the results of Indigenous partnerships. These transactions are yielding meaningful returns. First Nations and Métis groups have utilized revenues to purchase land, improve facilities, and reinvest in other economic development projects.

In this impact video, Indigenous groups speak on the transformational benefits that are possible through their full participation in the economy, and the ripple effects this has for all Albertans.