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AIOC bridges the gap for Indigenous communities to access capital for mid-to large scale projects that fall within our mandate sectors – natural resources, telecommunications, agriculture, transportation and related infrastructure.

We were created by the government of Alberta in 2019 and operate at arm’s length. We are a crown corporation with a Board of Directors who are accountable to the Minister of Indigenous Relations.

  • AIOC provides loan guarantees and capacity grants for First Nations, Metis Settlements and other Indigenous communities approved by a ministerial order.
  • Industry and organizations that fall under our mandate.
  • Government officials.
  • Centers of Influence – banks, pension funds, lenders, lawyers, etc.

No. We provide a loan guarantee which is money backstopped by the Alberta government.

  • AIOC does not lend any money.
  • Start ups do not fall under our mandate due to our risk parameters.

A loan guarantee with the AIOC is $20 – $250+ million dollars to support Indigenous investment. A loan guarantee is money backstopped by the Government of Alberta to reduce the risk of investment and cost to borrow for Indigenous communities.

  • A capacity grant is money tied to an approved loan guarantee. It is money that Indigenous communities use to access third party advice and expertise for the assessment and development of a potential project.
  • There is $3 million per year awarded on a discretionary basis.
  • It is money to be used for independent, third-party legal, technical, economic support.
  • The purpose is for advisory, negotiation and closing.
  • Does not need to be repaid.
  • Is not applicable for the development of a business plan.

Applications for a loan guarantee may be submitted by a single Alberta-based Indigenous group or a consortium of Indigenous groups. In the case of a consortium, at least one Alberta-based Indigenous group must be included as a participating investor and Alberta-based indigenous ownership must constitute at least 25% of the total investment proposed by an Indigenous consortium. Projects within Canada are eligible for support. Projects outside of Alberta are required to benefit Alberta to be eligible.

Yes. We have a hard minimum of $20 million.

  • First Nations, Metis Settlements.
  • Other Indigenous communities with approval by Ministerial Order.

AIOC does not provide any funding. Capacity grants are tied to approved loan guarantees.

  • The project is already built and has a positive operating track-record.
  • If the project is under construction, costs are known and contractually fixed.
  • Technologies used are well known and have been used extensively.
  • Project revenues are predictable and secured by contracts with reputable and creditworthy counterparties.
  • Project inputs or feedstocks are readily available, and costs are predictable and secured by contracts.
  • Third party debt and equity investors are committed to support financing the project on similar terms.

No. This does not fall under our mandate.

  • First Nations, Metis Settlements.
  • Other Indigenous communities with approval by Ministerial Order.
  • Economic development corps cannot apply for loan guarantees. They also cannot apply for a capacity grant directly, but the approved Indigenous groups with an approved loan guarantee can hire them with their approved capacity grant money.