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Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation receives Resource Leader of the Year Award


Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation receives Resource Leader of the Year Award

Alberta Chamber of Resources recognizes organization for Indigenous economic capacity and sustainable resource development success story

March 8, 2024 (Alberta) – Earlier this week, Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC) received the Alberta Chamber of Resources’ (ACR) 2023 Resource Leader of the Year award. This recognition highlights their work facilitating partnerships that empower Indigenous groups to acquire equity share ownership in mid to large-scale investment projects, including within Alberta’s natural resources sector. This is the first time the award has been given to an organization instead of an individual.

ACR selected AIOC because of its alignment with their values and mandate for investment in responsible resource development. Their work has been a success story of supporting capacity building for Indigenous investment.

“AIOC has been a game changer for all stakeholders; industry, Indigenous communities and Government. They’ve created new opportunities that would not have otherwise existed for Indigenous communities and the resource sector and generate economic benefits for all involved. AIOC investments are incredibly advantageous for resource development, and they are truly a trailblazer in the resource industry. That’s why we’re honoured to present them with this year’s Resource Leader award,” says ACR’s Executive Director, Scott Hierath.

Since AIOC’s inception in 2019, they have supported seven transactions and provided over $680 million in loan guarantees to 42 Indigenous groups in Alberta. These transactions generate meaningful returns that First Nations and Metis groups can leverage to improve social and recreational supports and reinvest in other projects.

“As we accept this award, we acknowledge that AIOC is leading the way. We are leading the way in demonstrating that economic reconciliation can, and indeed must, be inclusive, sustainable, and beneficial to all parties involved.  This award is not just recognition; it is a celebration of the collective effort, dedication and vision that have brought us to this moment. Our commitment goes beyond financial assistance. We are here to foster self-determination and sustainability, providing a foundation upon which Indigenous groups can build a prosperous and resilient future. We are creating a legacy that will endure for generations,” said Chana Martineau, CEO of AIOC, at the March 5th award ceremony.

The GoA recently increased AIOC’s cap from $1 billion to $3 billion, demonstrating their continued commitment to creating a brighter future for all Albertans. AIOC looks to expand their reach to include more Indigenous groups and industry organizations and continue creating beneficial partnerships that provide a competitive advantage for resource development and foster Indigenous economic success.


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